Simple Guide On How To Make A Ring Out Of A Paper Clip

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A paper clip holds pieces of paper together. Metal is typically used to make paper clips, which are then bent into various shapes. The user can also choose paper clips that contain springs that allow them to open after attaching two sheets of paper, allowing them to hold more paper without having to hold two pieces of paper in each hand. How to make a ring out of a paper clip is the topic of this article. So let’s get going.


The following materials will be needed to make this ring:

Jewelry pliers

How to make a ring out of a paper clip

Make a paper clip ring in minutes with this super simple and easy method. The result is really cute, too!

Putting the paperclip straight

 It is best to use metal paperclips for this project rather than colorful ones. To make the paperclip straight, use flat-nose pliers.

Making the Swirls

To identify the ring size, first measure it in inches by wrapping a measuring tape around your finger.

Make a little loop at any one end of the straight paperclip using the looping pliers. To make a swirl, wrap the wire once around the loop. If your paper clip is longer after being straightened, you can repeat the process of wrapping the wire around the loop.

After completing the first swirl, move to the opposite end of the straight paperclip. Make another loop with the looping pliers by circling the wire in the opposite direction from the first loop. To make another swirl, wrap the wire around that loop. Check the size by setting the wavy paper clip on a flat surface.

Creating the Ring

Just wrap the wavy paperclip around a mandrel as the last step. You now got a special, one-of-a-kind ring shaped fully of paper clips! You can easily add extra circles in between three or four paper clips to adjust the thickness if the final product is too thick for your likings. Use wire cutters or pliers to remove any extra circles from any link chains surrounding this ring because their edges can be sharp.

While creating a paper clip ring, take these caring tips:

1: Only combustible metals may be used in this project! Any other type of metal, such as paperclips made of non-flammable metals or non-metallic materials like plastic and glass, won’t work. Make a ring only out of paper clips, never with anything else. You run the risk of being burned or hurt by flying molten metal fragments if you attempt it with the wrong sort of metal.

2: Make sure to complete this work outside, away from any combustible materials or structures, and with plenty of ventilation. Work in a wind-free area to prevent the heat from blowing your ring away before it solidifies.

3: Have water on hand in case you need to put out any possible fires or cool down the rings.

4: Use caution and care while working; stay focused on what you’re doing at all times to avoid accidentally hurting yourself or anyone around you, such as by dropping a ring on your foot. Never leave a soldering iron unattended and avoid banging it against anything hard in case the hot end comes off while it is still plugged in.

5: If necessary, put on safety gear such as metalworking goggles. If you have long hair, pull it back into a bun or ponytail to keep it out of your face and from burning while you’re working. If you want, you can also put on gloves.


A paper clip can be folded in half and attached to the end of your finger to create a typical household item known as a paperclip ring. I’m hoping that reading this post will help you learn how to make a ring out of a paper clip.


Can an infinity ring fit us?

Infinity rings can be worn as wedding bands, engagement rings, or as a way to show someone how much you value them. An infinity ring can also be used to represent indefinite continuity. Most people still love infinity rings because of how easily they fit in with most fashions.

What is a ring clip?

When crafting jewelry, you can use ring clips to make your rings smaller. You may easily reduce the size of your ring by one to four sizes by simply wrapping the wings of the metal ring clip reducer around the inside of your band.

Can Paper Clips Be Used To Create Rings?

Sure! Rings may be created using only a few paperclips, which is surprisingly simple. Two paper clips, some creativity, and a pair of pliers are all you need! Start by delicately forming the first paperclip into a half-circle.

The second paperclip should then be bent such that it fits perfectly inside the first. After that, twist the two ends together with pliers to create a lovely paperclip ring.

How are cheap rings created?

Costume jewelry, sometimes known as fashion jewelry, is cheap jewelry manufactured with cheap components. Brass, aluminum, or copper are common basic metals used in the production of costume jewelry. These cheap metals are susceptible to tarnishing and may possibly irritate or cause allergies.

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