Ultimate Guide On Do You Include Groom’s Parents On Wedding Invitation

do you include groom's parents on wedding invitation

Wedding invitation custom dictates that the bride’s parents should be mentioned on the invitation, urging that the guests join the pair on their special day. This formality frequently denotes that the bride’s parents have covered the entire cost of the occasion.

So what wedding invitation protocol is appropriate when the bride and groom’s parents have paid for the wedding outright or split the cost 50/50? We give a brief summary of the topic of do you include groom’s parents on wedding invitation in this post, as well as the best practices for wedding invitations.

Rules For Wedding Invitations With Exceptions

There are a number of reasons you might choose to break from wedding invitation custom.

Perhaps you want to omit the name of one parent from the invitation, or perhaps you want to list the names of parents even though they didn’t pay for the wedding.

What you choose to include on your wedding invitation is entirely up to you and should only be decided by the bride and groom.

How To Write The Names Of Your Parents On Your Wedding Invitation

It’s quite easy if one set of parents is footing the most of the expense but the other is still chipping in.

The names of the parents contributing the largest share are typically listed first on the invitation, followed by the names of the other set. It is customary to mention the groom’s parents at some point on the invitation, and it is the right and kind thing to do if they have contributed financially to your special day.

Some modern couples prefer to mention both sets of parents at the top of the invitation as the “hosts” of the event because they dislike the formality of traditional wedding invitation etiquette.

If you’re paying for your own wedding, it’s perfectly acceptable to omit your parents’ names from the invitation. It is appropriate to solely name the bride and husband in this case.

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Do you include groom’s parents on wedding invitation?  Wedding invitations typically include the parents of the bride as the wedding’s hosts. But as families and relationships have changed, it’s become more typical to also invite the groom’s parents to the wedding.

Whether or not to put the groom’s parents on the wedding invitation is ultimately a personal choice and should be based on the unique dynamics of the family. It might be suitable to add the names of the groom’s parents on the invitation if they are making a financial contribution to the wedding or if they are actively involved in the planning.

No matter who is named on the invitation, it’s crucial to make sure that everyone in the family feels appreciated and involved during the wedding preparation process. All parties can be on the same page and the wedding day can be a joyful event if there is effective communication and open interaction between them.


Does the family of the groom give to the wedding?

Traditionally, all expenses for the rehearsal dinner, honeymoon, transportation, and officiant were covered by the groom’s family.

What Is The Most Important Guideline For Wedding Guests?

If you’re one of the few who receive an invitation, be sure to reply right away. A deadline for responses is often included in wedding invitations. Because wedding venues and providers need a confirmed headcount in advance, prompt RSVPs are crucial.

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